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Your Own Calendar is proud to offer a free local events calendar for your site! It's simple. Just copy the "snippet" of code below, paste into your web page document, and that's it! For more advanced users, we've given you even more flexibility and allow you to "customize" your calendar!

Copy and paste this code into your document:

Customizing the calendar:
The calendar variable below can be configured to your preference and keep similar colors to your web site. All "color" type variables are built for hexidecimal values only. Please do not use a "#" sign before the hex value or your calendar will not work. The variables are as follows:

"Border_Color" = main table border color
"Month_BG_Color" = month row background color
"Month_FG_Color" = month row text color
"Cal_Current_BG_Color" = current day background color
"Cal_Current_FG_Color" = current day color
"Days_BG_Color" = days row Background color
"Days_FG_Color" = days row text color
"Cal_BG_Color" = main background color
"Cal_FG_Color" = main text color (days)
"viewbycat" = specify a category id to show a specific genre of events

  • "viewbycat=" - All Events
  • "viewbycat=8" - Music/Art Events
  • "viewbycat=6" - Family Events
  • "viewbycat=4" - Sports Events
  • "viewbycat=2" - Special Events
"venue" = specify a venue to show events for a particular venue