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Make Up Your Mind?

EYES go to extremes: either completely natural, with lightly frosted flesh tones or with deep smudges of color, in greys, mauve/purples, and peacock blues, from lash line to eye crease. Then give eye creases a color slightly deeper than lid shadow. Start with Frosted Raisin Eye Enhancers, and deepen the effect with Charcoal Frost.
LASHES must be lavishing this season. To emphasize a wide-eyed look, apply a second coat of your Super Thick Lash to lashes at the outer corner of your eyes.
SKIN is natural demi-matte, with a healthy-looking, translucent glow. (Your 3-in-1 Foundation compact can be spot applied just where you need it, then blended for pure radiance!)
The new way to BLUSH: apply your shade directly on cheekbone SLIGHTLY behind apple of cheek. (Always start with a full brush of blush, and blow off excess just before applying.)
The LIP look now: soft shades still rule. Pink a big color, pale Burgundy, rusts and purple/plums are particularly hot. Especially with grey metallic highlights and overlays. So the way to go for lush lip drama this season is to layer two shades.