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Aiding & Abetting
STYLES-Most everything.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Tour dates, album release dates, and links.

REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Back issue archives of our email newsletter, The DiY Report. An Information Center with activities of interest to DiY (do-it-yourself) recording artists, categorized for easy access. A section devoted to interviews with DiY artists, including a response form for artists to begin interviews of themselves. A section for how-to articles. A section for places DiY artists can send their stuff to.

CyberPsychos AOD
STYLES-Celtic, tribal, noise, experimental, neo-industrial and gothic, punk, some death metal, pretty much any similar area of music (and then a few more).
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Links for bands, labels, magazines, etc. Aside from reviews, we also feature self- publishing band profiles in each issue of the magazine. Bands included can range from having one demo, to self-publishing an endless line of their own CDs. They can have their releases distributed to qualify, they simply can't be regularly signed by a label.

STYLES-Punk, rap, dub, space, indie pop, noise, ambient.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels.
SITE EXTRAS-Links to bands/labels we like.

181.4 Degrees from the Norm
STYLES-Everything except country.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-"Our site includes a huge music industry contact database, and a resource to help you promote your web site."

Network Audio Bits
STYLES-"Nearly any style. The only style I avoid is Commercial Country. I don't cover much classical, but have and will cover occasional releases"
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos-"Yes, though relatively few - I review more 7" records than I do demo tapes."
SITE EXTRAS-"Not in any specific locale. I have links all over the place. Most often they appear in reviews where they are pertinent."

Jelly Music Magazine
STYLES-Blues, jazz, country, soul, rock'n'roll.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels.

Carpe Noctem
STYLES-Dark/romantic/gothic/ambient/classic etc. (We cover whatever we like, even if it doesn't necessarily fit in these categories)
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Link pages, labels, other media, etc.

STYLES-Independent and Experimental.
AREA-Toronto, Canada (mostly).
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-"Idio-audio mailing list to + exchange of gigs and other talk."

Underground Music Online
STYLES-Rock, R&B, alternative, folk, soul, acoustic, pop.
AREA-"for live gig reviews, NYC only. However, for cd's no geographic boundaries."
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels.
SITE EXTRAS-"Songwriter services, musician search, gig searches and much more! Check it out."

Punx Not Dead
STYLES-Punk, hardcore, ska, grind, crust, oi. 
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Links, Interviews, Show Listings, Sounds, Videos, etc.

Ben Is Dead
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-"NOT RIGHT NOW, though we do have a small zine listing up there."

10 THINGS Jesus Wants You To Know
STYLES-"Punk, hardcore, Oi!, ska, and we have columns with Electronic/Industrial reviews and Death Metal/Grindcore/Black Metal reviews."
AREA-"we focus on the Northwest."
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Linx to many ezines, indie/punk bands, independent labels, DIY resources, etc.

STYLES-All musical styles.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels.
SITE EXTRAS-"We have a links page which connects to record companies and artists/bands that we like."

The Blues News
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.

Guilt Trip
STYLES-"Punk, garage, lo-fi, hardcore, rockabilly...but anything indie is cool."
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Links, awards for cool punk/indie sites, etc.

STYLES-Neo-folk, apocalyptic folk, gothic, industrial, ritual, ambient, electronic, neo-classical.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-"There's some information about labels/distributors (with contact addresses) and there are external links throughout the webzine."

STYLES-All styles.
AREA-(Mostly) Edmonton, Northern Alberta, Alberta
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.

The Internet Herald
STYLES-"All rock, punk, alternative, etc. for indy bands -- we like to cover young people."
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-"Yes"-(no other info given)

Unit Circle
STYLES-Gothic, Punk, Industrial, Experimental, Avant Garde.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.

Edge Of Time
STYLES-Progressive metal, atmospheric/dark metal, gothic metal/rock, darkwave, dark/symphonic/neo-classical.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.

STYLES-Prefer alternative female artists, as well as electronic, dance, British, etc...
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Links, Music news, reader classifieds, America On-Line chat, AOL message boards, AOL file library.

Raging Smolder Music Review
STYLES-All styles
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-misc links to other music pages, etc.

STYLES-Wide range of indie rock, pop, folk, jazz and other eclectic flavors.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.

The Koffin
STYLES-All forms of heavy metal and it's mutant variants (thrash, death, doom, etc.....)
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Lots of links to other underground magazines, record companies, & bands to hook up with.

New York Roxx
STYLES-All styles
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.

Y' All/Decibel
STYLES- All genres of music -- in reviews, we generally review everythingwe can get our hands on and we'd like to focus more on bands coming out of the South. Interviews -- bands that tour the South but more specifically bands that are coming out of the South (we cover 12 states).
AREA-for interviews we mostly focus on bands touring in or coming out of the South. Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos (sometimes).
SITE EXTRAS- Users can click on the map of the South, any state, and get a full listing of bands on the Web from that state. We also are trying to build up our club database with phone numbers, etc., of clubs around the South and we're always open to suggestions. We also want bands to send in their news items and info about what they're up to for our music news section.

The Aether Sanctum
AREA-Australia, but interviews and reviews are of bands worldwide.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Links, forums, tourdate listings.

Metal Hammer
STYLES-A.O.R, Hard Rock, Progressive (symphonic) rock / Metal, N.W.O.B.H.M, (Traditional) Heavy Metal, Speed, Trash, Power / Epic, Death, Black, Hard Core, and a little bit of grunge, sludge and psychedelic stuff as well.
REVIEWS-Indies/Private Labels/Demos.
SITE EXTRAS-Sub terra (the underground scene report, of Metal Hammer & Heavy Metal, zine links.