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All Access Music Group Online daily source of news, for the radio and record industry

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National Public Radio is the largest network of non-commercial public radio stations in the U.S.

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Institute of Broadcast Sound is an association for broadcast audio practitioners.

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Dirty Linen, the magazine of folk, electric folk, traditional and world music.

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The Mix (Britain's music production magazine)

Muse MagazineThe Journal of Women in Music

Guitar Nine Records. An on-line magazine from this Raleigh, NC record label. The magazine looks great and is well worth a look.

C. F. Martin and Co., Inc.,

Musician's Discount Warehouse The Biggest Music Store on the Internet

Ultimate list of Instruments and Equipment Makers Online (from Harmony Music Online

Drummer's Web, the Ultimate Online Resource for Drummers

music. machines offers images, software, schematics, and lots of tips and comments from electronic musicians all over the Internet.

Harmony Central Resources and links related to guitar, bass, keyboards, sfx, software and more...

The Hip Rhythm Digest exists to promote the enjoyment of playing the drum set.

Ranger Audio Enterprises "Tons" of links to equipment manufacturers on the main and services pages. Buy/Sell/Trade section, music links page, etc.

T.L.K. Audio/Video Services Offering on-location audio recording services

Pyramid Digital Productions Check the new CD mastering section

Yahoo's Listing of Recording Studios

Sound Dimensions Studio South Porcupine, Ontario

Blue Planet Studio

Dynamic Recording, Rochester, NY USA

SkyLine Productions A Mastering Studio using a fully digital domain

Cedar House Studios Nashville, TN, Home of Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Johnny Pierce.

Musicians On the Internet [MOI]

National Online Music Assoc. Local Music for a Global Audience.

Musi-cal, the ultimate online concert calendar listing service

Hidden Water

Folkbook If it has to do with Folk Music and it's on the Internet, it's here.

Pachcord's Soundboard Independent Music for the Masses.

Press Releases to the Media

Music Resources on the Web.

SMPTE Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers


The Ultimate Band List

Lizard Tracks Art Studio

Music ramblings from Ram Samudrala

Ari's simple list of record labels and recording companies from around the world.

Yellow Submarine's Music Links Not particularly extensive, but there is some cool stuff on here.

World Wide Internet Music Resources Large storehouse of links, don't know how up to date it is.

Aardvark's Archive of General Musical Interest Huge! Bands, zines, venues, industry resources, events, labels.

Sites & Sounds Links A very extensive list of links primarily for Midi oriented musicians. Recommended even though I HATE FRAMES!

Mario's Music Yellow Pages Wow! Incredibly big! This has got to be the most extensive list of links I've seen yet. Practically any category you can think of and even better: IT'S FRAMES OPTIONAL! Yeehaa!

Musical Web Connections Another site of mostly links, but lots of them!

First Music Great site, large heaping gobs of links to World Wide Radio, Artists, Publications, Record Companies, Concert/Tour Info, and World Wide Charts.

MusicLinks is a fairly extensive collection of links helpfully divided into several different categories: e-mail addresses, telnet, websites, FTP sites.

The FolkBook Index - Lists of Artist Home Pages A MASSIVE list of lists devoted, but not limited to, folk music resources on the internet. Blues, Jazz, Celtic, and even Klezmer resource lists are located here! HIGHLY recommended if the style of music you play does not involve distorted guitars, whining about how dysfunctional you are, or living in Seattle.

MIDI Homepage An excellent site for the novice and the professional Midi musician. Some guides to Midi utilizations are here, as well as a very well executed intro and a goodly amount of links to other sites.

The Fractal Music Lab If you are Midi capable and you have not yet delved into the world of fractal music I suggest you give it a try. The results can be fascinating! Sort of a musical glimpse into the very fabric of nature itself. This is a great site to find the necessary software, check out some examples, and get a decent overview of what fractals are.

The International Computer Music Association Apparently you have to pay to become a member of this organization, but their site has a great list of links that I highly recommend if you're into this stuff.

Music Interactive Well, you do have to become a member to utilize this site, but it's FREE! And, in their own words, here are the features of this site: "A wide variety of music information, updated weekly, Links to the hottest music related companies on the Web, Searchable index of users based on interests and MI mail to contact them, Expert career and legal assistance, Daily contests and games, Forum areas by topic to let you chat with other MI members, Audio on demand (songs, MIDI files, etc.), Instructional lessons...and more!" And, as they claim, "it's all free!"

All-Music Guide You can add yourself and your releases to this rather large database of musical releases, it also has many other features that you may find interesting. They are the people who brought you the All-Music Guide To Rock. Since I've never read it I don't know if this is a good or bad thing...

The Deterrent DIY Tour Manual Has listings of where to play and who to contact about playing all over the US and Canada. Has most of the notable clubs listed with various musician's comments about the clubs. I hope this resource is around when I finally get off my ass and put a band together.

Hot Stuff (Dec-22, 96) This site has crashed, but it may be up again. I'll check back one of these days. If any of you have any data from this site, this guy needs your help, he apparently lost it all.

Indie Center THE site for indies! Tons of info from studio tips to touring to promotion. Lots of articles by DIYers in their own words. Indispensable!

Guide to putting out Records, CD's, etc. Great site! Lots of how-tos and advice on putting out your own music. A decent amount of contact addresses as well.

The AudioNet Jukebox Cool site! Seem to be pretty open-minded. Samples of CDs. Blend of majors, minors, and totally-unheard-of's like me.

Hangover Square-Freedom 4 Sound Another site that will host your audio samples for free! Has some songs from my CD on it (if you're curious), and some rather interesting experimental and electronic music. He just put up some samples of my House of Usher stuff too, so you know he's got guts! Visit this site, people working this hard for free deserve the attention!

RAM This guy has some useful pages! Also is the guy who does The Cheesy Primus Page. This link will take you to his personal page, but you can get to the music stuff from his links pages. I also recommend reading The Free Music Philosophy a philosophy I agree almost 100% with. Ram is quite the online musical activist, he has my full admiration.

Demon's Disks Hey kids! List your demo for free on this site!! Kind of an online demo shop. Very concise and straightforward.

A Nationwide List of Independent Record Stores This is LandPhil Records list of indie record stores, listed by state. Pretty damn useful! This is the sort of open sharing of information that gives me just enough faith in humanity to keep me from releasing that mutant Ebola virus I've been working on.

The Music Industry Contact List Just what it says.

Orange Pop Records Home of the Online Indie Catalog where any band or label can list their releases for FREE and have a direct link back to their own home page so they can deal with the people who are interested in THEIR music."

Kathode Ray Music Lots of everything. A rather impressive source of resources. They have a lot of interesting features besides lists of resources too, like Indie-Board an online forum for discussions, advice, etc.

181.4 Music! Database Excellent lists of links and resources. The database includes many links for independent artists as well as hundreds of music industry contacts such as venues, studios, a&r and more.

The Music Room Record label links, e-zines, worldwide radio stations, Billboard, Pollstar, Ticketron, music libraries, and music chatrooms.

Indian Trail Recording Studio Has a page of tips of how to function when recording a demo that I thought would be useful for those of you just starting out. Apparently this fellow has been doing this for longer than most of us slacker musician types have been alive so give him a listen; he probably knows what he's talking about. I'd also suggest you read some of his ARTICLES, lots of good data for musicians!

Zebra Music Good stuff on this site, most of which is free. His description is pretty accurate so here it is: "This site is an information depot for musicians. Zebra Music is devoted to helping musicians and bands further their careers in the music industry. Here you will find: Labels that are looking for bands to sign. Archived back issues of the monthly Musicians Tip Sheet which includes a featured article, music industry happenings and more record company connections. Gig Sharing Listings, find out how you can get involved in the network and get your information listed here. Also a complete catalog of all my special reports and services that are designed to get you the recognition you deserve! Some Frequently Asked Questions dealing with the music business. Links of other music related sites that can help your act."

DIY Search "A search engine dedicated to the DIY community." Music, zines, e-zines, the arts.

Harmony Central Is a great source of info for musicians, with an accent on the mechanics of making music, the tools and toys of the trade. A very active and up to date site, it also has a massive quantity of links. Everything is covered on this site, not just the gear!

Music Unbound This is a rather small, but very earnest, site. In their words: "Music Unbound is devoted to a single theme: that commercial/professional music is stuck in rigid concepts of style, genre and format, and needs to be broken out of these arbitrary categories, in order for music as an art form to flourish properly". This is a sentiment I strongly agree with. A decent amount of online articles and some useful links. A forum where you can contribute to moderated discussions is on there as well. This is more a site of musical philosophy so I recommend it for those who seek erudition amongst the din and clangor.

Charts All Over The World Are you just DYING to find out if people living in Latvia listen to the same sort of dismal crap we listen to in the states? Here's where to find out.

Acoustics FAQ Practically everything you ever wanted to know about sound.

Tinnitus FAQ What sound can do to you when you've had too much of it.

Audio Page Man, you can find practically anything on the internet! Build your own loudspeakers, specs and everything!

MULTIMEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT LAW ONLINE NEWS Keep up to date with the graphic details of how people JUST LIKE YOU can get screwed by weasels! Be informed or be a victim! Up to date articles (and archives) on the greasy goings-on in the areas of the music business that far too many of us are totally oblivious of.

CTI Music: A List of Musical Discussion Lists A list of e-mail lists for the musician as opposed to fan lists where 15 year old morons foam at the mouth about how cool Oasis is (or whatever).

Sonic State is a resource for studios, engineers, gear and those in search of such. Warning: lots of silly commercial stuff on here such as news about rich bloated rock stars, naked pictures of Geri from the Spice Girls (yes I looked, I'm no saint. She's pretty yummy actually.), and a trite little game called "let's play A&R" where they judge the longevity and stature of rich bloated rock stars and labels. If you can get by this twaddle without developing a terminal migraine, they have some great information on this site for the technically oriented recording musician. Ratings of microphones, discussions of gear, links to studios, etc.

DIY Music A band called Mudwheel maintains this site that is dedicated to the DIY ethic in music. They have some pages on Publishing and 4-Track recording that are worth a read and are also responsible for the Not So Ultimate Indie Band List linked further below.

Casbah Another site that is full of features and information. The focus is on the impressive search capabilities of the site which they have divided into artist, site, and release directories, and a news and reviews directory. They have a newsletter in the works and several sections that offer some articles that may amuse you.

Gajoob is another essential resource for the DIY musician. They have their newsletter, The DIY Report, which is full of informative interviews and articles with links. It's a great place to post information on your DIY related musical activities. There is also an area called Gajoob Magazine's DIY recording artist information center which has some good stuff on it. This site may be of a specific interest to you if you are a home taper as their focus seems to be on the lower echelons of the indie world where people like myself scuttle about in the dark, feeding on mold and clumps of dust and hair.

fluxnet Sort of like an IUMA service, but FREE! According to the text on their index page: "we pretty much put up websites for bands with a short review for no cost to them except a copy of their work." Seems like a good deal, they have Real Audio samples of the artist's music too. The only qualifier I noticed was that they themselves must like your project to put it up (which is more than reasonable, it being free and all). Their current selections were oriented towards Alt/Punk with a few "roots" and blues bands thrown in, so if your project incorporates Irish folk, ragas, and yodeling maybe you should send it in and then let me and the users of this page know how open-minded they are.

boomshaka online Another FREE alternative to services like IUMA! They will put up three 30 second excerpts of your tunes, pictures, a bio, and an e-mail contact thang. Aesthetically very pleasing too, but not so full of graphics that it takes centuries to load. Well worth checking out.

The Digital Sound Page Kind of a list of links with a few added features. This, as the name of the site would suggest, is primarily for digital gearheads. Lots of excellent links for those of you interested in this area of music, many with some enlightening descriptions by the guy who runs the site.

Music Network USA Big site. Lots of features. There's an events calendar that you can apparently add your events to, a fairly active searchable musician's classifieds section, a user registry where you can post your own personal online hype, a "free for all" musical links section where you can add you own band/zine/radio station/et al, and lot's of other worthwhile stuff. You do need to register first with a user name and password, but it's free. I use Microshlep's Internet Exploiter as my browser since the newer versions of Netscape just won't function on my 386, and I had trouble with some of the CGI data transmitting to them. Some areas I couldn't access because IE just couldn't cope. They have a music industry database which I was intrigued about, but I couldn't get to it.

The Official Home Page for Unsigned Artists I think this is a new site, but if that is the case they are off to a REALLY good start! Like several of the other sites listed above, this is another site that does essentially what IUMA does but without a huge cash outlay. They have a couple options in how their service works. If you have your own site, they add a small graphic and description along with direct links to your site and your sound files, and yes, you guessed's FREE! If you are an artist without a site, there is a nominal fee that is pretty insignificant compared to what I've seen some of the paid sites charging. (If you're an artist without a site, you should really think about putting one together. It took me no time at all to learn the basic HTML, and it's cheap as hell to maintain!) Extras on the site include a free musician's classifieds section for gigs, gear, and collaborators, links to Record Labels, Managers, Producers, Promoters, and a download page where you can get the software necessary to play the audio samples. There are already a decent amount of artists on here, so they must have done a lot of prep work. Damn fine site! (NOTE: This site has just e-mailed me asking for $25.00 to remain on their site for a year, so apparently the IUMA-like aspect of their site is no longer technically free, so it's your judgment call. 3-22-97.)

TOURDATES.COM TOURING BANDS/MUSICIANS: List your tour dates on this site! They have a huge searchable database of musical entities and their tour schedules. There is a form you can fill out to list yours too!

Musician.Com Cripes this is big! In their own words: "Here at MUSICIAN.COM, you can use services like our free Musician's Referral Service or be the first to learn about free music related special events. Get free on-line musical instrument technical assistance or download a comprehensive listing of vintage instruments. Want to leap to a record label? Check out your favorite artist? Perhaps you need music related legal advice or want to know how to get free national publicity for your band. Whether you want info on the hottest studios on the Web or want to check out concert schedules at selected events venues, you'll definitely want to check out Music Link Central, your one-stop-cyber-hop to the coolest music related sites on the Net." All this and more...impressive as hell.

The Music Industry-A Beginners Guide is an online article that outlines the structure of the industry in a straightforward and direct manner. Very helpful, I recommend giving it a good read.

Musician's Connection Is an online musician's referral service that seems to have a goodly amount of ads on it in both the wanted and available categories. Easy to navigate, even though it has frames. Quite well done. As a personal aside, they also have a page dedicated to conservation and green type issues called Animal World which I quite liked, and a links to Hot Software page which I bookmarked for my own personal exploitation.

Musi-Cal Another site that specializes in tour/show info for bands/artists. They have a form where you can enter your entire tour info and an alternate form where you can just point people in the direction of tour info on your own site. You can also add a link to your site onto their database of artists and venues.

Used Music Gear List A site whose express reason for being is the buying and selling of used musical equipment. Loads of ads! Apparently the ads last for one month and are then removed, which makes this pretty much an up to date resource of great value for those in the market for things to irritate their neighbors with.

IndyMusic.Com Cool site! Indie music in Shockwave streaming audio format. The submission process seems simple enough and they have an amount of artists that is neither too meager nor too smotheringly large. New site too, so send em your stuff before they get swamped.

Artist Web Once more, another site that (hopefully) will put paid sites like IUMA out of business! They will put up a page on their site for you, with a graphic, a photo, a couple WAV files, a short bio, and links to your own site and e-mail address! It's pretty frames-intensive, but a damn good site nonetheless!

HUMp-Home of the Unsigned Musicians page Another FREE (for now) site that will host a song (Real Audio-up to 5mins it looks like), a description (up to 200 words), a picture, and links to your own site and e-mail address. A VERY new site, it seems, and they have only a few bands on there thusfar (2/8/97), so get in on the ground level while the gettings good!

The Music Connection is an actual music store located in Spokane, WA. Their site is dedicated to musical artists of the INLAND NORTHWEST, USA. Lots of goodies on this site for artists in that area. I was very impressed with the idea of the site: kind of attempting to function as an online provincial hub and gathering place for local musicians. More people out there should try this kind of thing, seems like an excellent musical community development tool. They have links to artists, an events calendar, a place to search for music teachers, etc. They even have a place to list your stolen equipment!

THE INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL REVIEW This is an amazing site by a guy whose even more full of venom than I am...and I mean that in a positive way. The fellow calls himself That Damned Akurian, General Bobby Farrell, that alone should give some indication of the contents. Lots of info on here about the various ripoffs potentially awaiting you on your long and winding road to musical oblivion. He's esp. pissed at BMI/ASCAP (And can you blame him? They are bastards to deal with if you are not a megastar from all I've heard.) WARNING: He has very strong opinions and does not mince words. If you can handle that (and if you can't you're in the wrong business) he has some rather useful information on here. Reading through a lot of this material made me very glad to be semi-retired. This man really seems to know "the machine" in all it's horror. NOTE: I advise all of you who are pursuing the almighty recording contract to read his description of "shelving contracts" if you've ever wondered why 99% of all the bands that you hear about being signed to majors GO ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE!

The Listening Booth Looks like a good one! Alex will host a segment of one of your tunes for FREE. Seems to be a fairly new site, but there's a goodly amount of artists already on. His policies are quite reasonable for submitting your stuff too!

The Copyright Site is a site devoted to sharing info regarding copyrighting of all of your various creative excretia.

Atlantic Satellite Marketing, Ltd. Top-500+ Records World Wide Buyer's Guide You may wonder why such a die-hard independent would put something like this on his site. Well, two reasons: 1) So musicians have access to information as to what is popular and trendy so they can either avoid it or emulate it. 2) So you can see for yourselves how slim the possibilities are for YOU to ever break into this game. Best to have one's eyes wide open. Oh yes, they have a listing of unsigned artists that you can add your entry to.

The Synth Zone An excellent site with extensive links lists for hardware, software, instruction, etc.

C.O.R.E. A site that will generously build a personalized website for you with samples, a picture, short bio, etc. They seem fairly smallish in terms of the amount of artists currently online with them, so it looks like an excellent "ground floor opportunity" to get yourself listed w/o being crowded out by a million other bands. They have some helpful links list as well, and some other features worth exploring. If you want more than their basic package it does cost, but since the basic package is FREE that seems more than fair.

Tom's Catalog of Independent Releases An online store for independent music and literature, this site also abounds in a sense of humor that can best be described as whimsical. It has a very personal feel which I found quite refreshing compared to the way the majority of sites of this nature try so hard to appear corporate (when you know it's really just a couple guys with a basement full of other people's CDs). It's run by a guy named Tom Ianniello. Tom (and his beard) works on consignment and seems to have a very open attitude towards submissions. Visit his site, send him your stuff! Fairly large amount of releases listed, apparently he's been doing things like this for quite some time. If you are familiar with the Iguana Cafe in North Hollywood, Tom is the fellow who used to own it.

Nordic Downloadable Music Site Hmmm...interesting idea: a site where you can download songs for a quarter a tune. The philosophy behind this site is a noble one, they want to help eliminate the wastefulness inherent in the physical marketing of music (packaging, paper, etc). They have a lot of known artists on there, but seem to be actively pursuing indies. If there is any cost to hooking up with them I cannot find it. definitely worth looking into.

TAXI Before you pillory me for listing a COMMERCIAL site on this page, I should mention that this site has a great deal of FREE features that make it well worth your while to visit. They have an excellent series of interviews with A&R types that are quite illuminating, as well as a chat area and ads from record companies that are rather educational. You have to become a member to respond to them, but it is interesting to see what the powers that be are pursuing, whether or not you become a member. I've only heard positive things about these folks thus far, so I'm VERY curious to hear ANY feedback you out there might have regarding this company.

The Jazz Clearinghouse This is a MUST for anyone who even remotely could be considered a jazz lover. In their own words: "The Jazz Clearinghouse is the web's source for all that is jazz. The site serves jazz fans, students, educators, and musicians. Presently, the site contains over 5,000 jazz links including: artists and groups; jazz education; jazz festivals; high school jazz groups; college and university jazz programs; reviews; jazz books; CDs; videos; concerts; jazz art and photographs; sound clips; online jazz broadcasts; jazz radio/TV stations and programs; tours, and much more!" If you prefer Coltrane to Kobain, this is the place to go.

Sound Safari Underground Music An online record store that, unlike the majority of them out there on the web, also features releases by independents. Indeed, although you can order the usual mainstream drivel through them (got to make money somehow I suppose), they seem to be earnestly intent on showcasing the products of small labels and minor artists. They feature bios, audio clips, and photos of featured indie artists in a fairly tasteful mode of presentation. They are fairly new and parts of their site are still under construction, but their site seems very promising thus far. The selection of indies is not particularly enormous yet, so it may behoove you to contact these folks in the near future and see what happens. They work on consignment by the way.

Cerberus Now THIS is a good idea! In their own words via a recent e-mail: "Basically we put music up legally and digitally on the web. IE: You download songs, but the money goes to the artist and the writer, as we have agreements with harry fox (in the us), MCPS (here in the UK) etc etc. It is free to put your music on our site. Tracks sell at 60p each, the artist takes 60%, the writer (via Harry fox) gets 20% , and we take 20%. If the tracks don't sell, the artist pays nothing. This service cuts out the need for artists to press hundreds of cds that may not even be sold, thus the risk and cost is removed. Thus we have many unsigned artists on our site as well as more established names. Being all musicians or ex-musicians our goal is to help the small fish in the industry."


The CD Spot Well, it certainly is nice to see that there are some online music shops that are focusing on indies. This site calls itself "the internet's indie record store". While they do not seem to have a huge amount of artists on their site as of yet, what they are doing is laudable and, of course, FREE! In their own words: "All that is required for free exposure and to sell your music, is to return the contingency form along with a band picture, logo, bio, and music CD's and/or tapes. Remember, there are no hidden costs, membership fees, or any other cost, only a consignment agreement for sales!"

Rockhouse Online record store. They do seem to have a fairly open policy towards indies. They were a little vague in a recent e-mail to me as to how to submit, etc., but probably worth a try.

The Musician's Pages This is kind of a cross between a personal web site and a musician's information site. Run by a guy named Terry O'Brien, evidently a performer himself, it has a rather large list of west coast booking agents and their phone numbers, a banner link exchange for musicians, a list of links to other sites and businesses that is fairly immense, and assorted other goodies. A slant he has on this site that I've not seen elsewhere (in quite the same way) is a page where you can submit your band photos for all the world to giggle at.

Gig SwaP Jeff Yost (of Namuto) is back, after an apparent hiatus, with a much more esthetically pleasing site chock full of useful features. In his own words (from the index page of this site): "Gig SwaP is an International experience open to those involved in all genres of live music presentation. This includes, but is not exclusive to bands, musicians, clubs, venues, bookers, promoters, and musical event organizers. It is intended as an avenue to secure live performing work for the musical artists and to provide live musical performers to those in the business of presenting such performances. It may be used by performing musicians to exchange or swap gigs, help fill in holes in tours, put tours together, build touring networks, construct large and small events. It may be used by clubs, venues, promoters, and organizers to secure acts for presentation, filling in bills, last minute emergencies, and generally booking acts. Registration in Gig SwaP provides you with listings of all participants and regular (weekly) updates and additions. This is done from here via e-mail. We will provide a newsgroup for you to use in the very near future, as well as a secured Gig SwaP web ring. You may contact those you wish to conduct business with via their personal contact addresses (phone, fax, e-mail, or regular mail) without intervention."

Band Web In their own words (from a recent e-mail): "I have developed a free database driven website for bands. This site allows you to enter HTML. It also keeps track of your show dates. You can enter them into a form. You can delete them by clicking on them. When you enter or delete a show date, mail is sent to your e-mail list automatically." Good concept, that automatic e-mail thing. They already have a decent sized collection of bands on their site, but plenty of room for more.

Musician Assist "How would you like to be able to book an entire indie tour for you band (or even a friend's band) from your PC?? How about being able to get info on places that can press your next recored/cassette/cd? How about info on people that can distribute your record for you? How about setting up interviews and reviews? ALL FROM YOUR PC?? And ABSOLUTELY FREE- this is not a scam- it costs you nothing!! I am working [as you read this] on the largest working musician website full of the info listed above... complete information on Places your band can play Play, Promoters that will book your band, Places to Stay while on tour, Places to Eat while on tour, Press/Zines that will interview/review your band, Record Stores/Distribution that will carry your music, Radio that will play your stuff, Music Stores, Sound Companies/PA Rentals, Recording/Rehearsal Studios, Misc/Points Of Interest, mailing lists of music fans AND MUCH MUCH MORE all sorted by state..."

Emotif University "We're writing to inform you of a newly expanded resource available to you on the World Wide Web. EMOTIF UNIVERSITY ( provides a wide variety of training materials in the area of writing songs and music for film, television and new media: classes in compositional technique, music business, marketing and networking strategies, using electronic music equipment, songwriting structure, composing music for animation, and more. Several of these classes are free, as an introduction to the Emotif University program. In addition, Emotif exists as a resource both for students and for working composers. Among the many added features of our site are: an extensive reference section, with lists of suggested books, periodicals and other materials for further study; technical Q&A with Industry experts; an area to post e-mail messages for interaction with other Emotif visitors; and links to dozens of other film, TV and music-related sites."

The World Stage "If you haven't already had the opportunity to do so, I highly encourage you to visit our web site, The World Stage, We feature the music of unsigned bands from all over the world using streaming audio so that there is no long download, the music starts playing immediately. The best part is that our service is now FREE!!! That's right. Previously we had to charge bands a fee to host their music, but now, thanks to corporate sponsorship, we are able to offer this service completely free to bands. Soon we'll also be offering the ability to take orders, including credit card orders, for your tapes and/or CDs directly from our site."

RebelMynds Musician Referral " RebelMynds Musician Referral is a free, highly visible, database. Its sole purpose is to aid musicians in hooking-up with other musicians and bands to advertise themselves for all the world to see. A service for musicians, ran by musicians."

Demo Universe "Demo Universe is a Web site devoted to self-released/unsigned/independent music and musicians. In its first incarnation, from June 1995-June 1996, DU was widely recognized as the largest archive of self-released music reviews on the Internet."

The Music Note A site dedicated to the Indie artist and enthusiast.

The Jam "We have a calendar where musicians can list their gigs, we've got a swap & shop area, we've got a 'store' where artists can sell their CDs. And yes, it's free for musicians."

Oregon & Washington Musicians & Bands 1,962 musicians and bands in Oregon and Washington are listed here. Most of them are in the Portland area. If you're from that general area you could be number 1,963! He also has an exhaustive list of Oregon & Washington Music venues and festivals.

Local-Arts A smallish quantity of artists and musicians from the CT/NY area, with audio samples, paintings, etc. This is the best reason I've found to be online thus far: the sharing of creative output from artists and artist communities that heretofore were isolated by geography and lack of corporate hype. The internet needs more sites like this that expose the works of artists working in obscurity.

Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters in L.A.